Satta king Desi is the most popular online satta result website. You can check all games today live Satta king Result of 2021 . We update here we update these Satta results hourly basis according to game result time. This live result chart shows SattaKing Up, Gali Result, Disawar Result, Faridabad Result, and Ghaziabad’s game result.  सबसे पहले सुपरफास्ट रिजल्ट चेक करे आजका सट्टा किंग रिजल्ट क्या आया है. सबसे पहले देखे सट्टा रिजल्ट हमारी वेबसाइट पर. दिसावर रिजल्ट, गली का रिजल्ट और भी गेम का फरीदाबाद और गाजियाबाद लाइव सट्टा रिजल्ट अपडेट. इसके साथ ही साल भर का रिकॉर्ड भी देखे।

गली और दिसावर की लीक सिंगल जोड़ी

गली दिसावर फरीदाबाद ग़ाज़ियाबाद सट्टा गेम की कंपनी लीक सिंगल जोड़ी रोज १००% पास फुल गारंटी के साथ जिसको जिसको चाहिए वो हमसे संपर्क करे. २ दिन में अपना पूरा लॉस रिकवर करे.

Today Satta King Result Live Updates 16 October 2021



TIME (05:15AM)

54    30

TIME (06:15PM)

19    -

TIME (9:20 PM)

12    -

Time (11:05 PM)

76    -

TAJ - 1
TIME 02:00PM

05    -

TIME 03:50PM

74    -

TIME 09:50 PM

16    -

TIME 05:00PM

81    -

TIME 05:00 PM

24    -

TIME 06:40 PM

43    -

Satta King Result Chart 2021 Gali Result Disawar Result Faridabad Result Ghaziabad Result

Date फरीदाबाद ग़ज़िआबाद गली दिसावर
01-05-2021 29 40 69 XX
02-05-2021 93 00 59 78
03-05-2021 96 17 86 27
04-05-2021 23 88 59 65
05-05-2021 26 05 25 09
06-05-2021 62 26 68 08
07-05-2021 58 46 18 36
08-05-2021 54 70 68 26
09-05-2021 19 12 76 54
10-05-2021 XX XX XX 30

Gali Satta Record Chart 2021

You can check Gali Satta Record Chart 2021 as you know Gali is like any other Satta Games. he Gali result started in 2021 and has been very popular in India ever since it started.

2020 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
1 905453607061556233822874
2 172765258219919701054388
3 417779467587580491367463
4 816249513087521703855792
5 487342106934729857971740
6 537740773050703830007506
7 149527689695315608486712
8 963742206910894608149801
9 808143986286153104258832
10 664253339370048708895796
11 926558221219990578911308
12 776612367479264938266585
13 897453809105667167235037
14 393323393352644927342795
15 941154076993772499386953
16 696079941388576395430820
17 112956557014716878074958
18 799646930252257012671970
19 157268266702393054320632
20 134143135087622602828935
21 299329363972193871044851
22 491414071653077855017139
23 358189240482530138654872
24 943082950597828628887746
25 707224655366346869040501
26 929586593187348655307196
27 571674127561815402054437
28 321354177760432059427246
29 84--61745675667065902698
30 38--85--91--1591--29--53
31 ------------------------

Disawar Satta Record Chart 2021

you can check the regular Disawar Satta record chart 2021 Result table on our website. Desawar chart 2021 is also a part of Satta king, its name is different, but it also follows the same rules on which the Satta works.

1 -- 19 -- XX XX
2 88 72 70 51 78
3 52 67 97 30 27
4 49 42 06 24 65
5 82 85 42 72 09
6 00 11 52 13 08
7 62 22 98 00 36
8 77 91 11 36 26
9 60 68 36 69 54
10 37 19 82 76 30
11 58 74 28 05
12 64 45 84 52
13 88 07 02 71
14 49 57 68 62
15 38 00 67 60
16 87 54 54 57
17 22 24 05 41
18 40 80 82 39
19 85 52 95 63
20 54 51 42 63
21 87 18 72 38
22 10 07 95 93
23 60 72 94 02
24 23 85 15 39
25 66 77 42 93
26 67 35 46 44
27 11 93 95 77
28 76 64 26 97
29 40 91 54
30 68 67 14
31 63 31
Ghaziabad Satta Record Chart 2021​

Faridabad Satta Record Chart 2021

The result of the Faridabad game is updated on our website every day at a fixed time, and you can see the Faridabad Satta record chart 2021 on our website.

Faridabad Satta Record Chart 2021​

Ghaziabad Satta Record Chart 2021

The Ghaziabad game is also a part form of the Satta King online, and you can say that it is an excerpt that is played in the Ghaziabad area, so this game is named Ghaziabad. you can also Check Ghaziabad Satta Record Chart 2021 here.

What is Satta king online Game?

Satta King Result 2021
Satta King Online 2021

The Satta King game is a number game in which any number is chosen and bet on it. If the same number is declared as the winning number, then the person who bets on it is declared the winner, and the person is paid 8 or 9 times the amount he has applied. The person who wins this game is declared as a betting king. In today’s time, due to having more than one winner in a day, this game is known as the Satta King Game. Earlier, due to the use of Matka, this game was also known as Satta Matka Game. In earlier times, slips numbered from 0 to 99 were put in a pot to select the winning number, and by collecting all the players’ numbers and money, a slip was made by one person at a given time. Used to go The number that was on that slip was considered the winning number.

Types of Satta King Games In India

There are some of the types of Satta King games in India that are quite popular in the online and offline world both, some of which are described below:

  • Gali SattaGali Satta King was introduced in the year 2006 in India and is now one of the most popular Satta King in India. In this gali satta game, people bet on this game anonymously and the result of this game is known as Gali Result. The player bets on any number between 0-99 in this game and wait for the result till the next day. There are some fixed timings for every SattaMatka games and each day results come out on websites.
  • Disawar Satta – Disawar Satta King is the second most popular games played in India. In this game, the player has to bet on any number & have to wait for their result on the next day. There is no cap on the numbers a person can bet on which is a plus point as it increases the chance of winning the game. The result of the game is drawn at its timing on the next day & people have to check their betting numbers the next day.
  • Faridabad Satta – Faridabad Satta king got its name from Faridabad, city of UP where it is believed to have originated. The game has the same rules and uses the same modus operandi as the other two games. Since this game is played in Faridabad hence the result is known as Faridabad result.

How to play Satta King 2021 Online?

There are a few steps which have to follow to play the Satta King game online in the correct way:

  • Visit any of the Satta King websites from your mobile phone or computer.
  • Log in on the website, if the website asks for it.
  • Invest the amount you wish to invest in the game.
  • Otherwise, choose a number between 0-99 among the lot.
  • You can also choose a single-digit number, a two-digit number or a 3 digit number.
  • Visit the website at the time of the result announcement.

The Satta King game can be played both online and offline. To play it offline, you will have to meet an employee of any speculative company called Khaiwal. After going to him, you have to give him your selected number and the amount to be charged. He will deposit your money and numbers in the company on your basis. If your number is declared a winner, he will bring the amount you won from the company and give it to you. But remember, choose a reliable person for this work. Otherwise, your money can be lost. To play this game online, you have to go to a speculative company website and submit your amount and number by creating an account. And the money will also have to be paid through an online payment. If you win, you will receive your money in the bank account given by you. 

Satta King Result Time Table 2021

Game nameGame Time
Disawar( 05:00 AM )
Gali( 10:45 PM )
Ghaziyabad( 08:00 PM )
Faridabad( 06:15 PM )
KG GOLD( 03:00 PM )
NEW LUXMI( 05:30 PM )
न्यू दिल्ली( 11:00PM )

How to check Satta King 2021 Results?

Various Satta King Result Websites Are accessible on the Internet world, And These websites Are Providing You daily updates of Satta King Results. There are Some Websites Provide You Complete Satta King 2021 Results. On this website, You Can check Sattaking Results According To The Month of the 2021 Year. like Satta Gali Record Chart 2021 So, You Can Use This Website To check Satta.King game Results online.

  • Visit the online website
  • Click on the flash link of Results of Satta today
  • Check the final result declared by the company
  • If the result matches with your chosen number, you win and vice versa
  • Enter your bank details to get the winning amount in your bank account.

The Satta King game is played online and offline in some parts of the country. Different ways of playing also come with different ways of checking the results. Like, if you are playing the game offline then you have to visit the shop to check the result. If You Are A Satta Matka Player And You Play This Game Then The Older Game Results Are Very Beneficial For You. You Can analyze This older Data To Get Today’s Number And The Winning Number of Future Games.


The satta games work on one thing which is luck and little mathematical abilities, Although, most of the people who have won have done it due to their luck and nobody can crack the logic to ace this game. Yet, the one thing which can be done is picking up a number which is a frequently winning number from the chart. The number which has been declared winner often has more chances of winning.

To make a profit from the SattaKing game, all you require is a winning number. There is no accurate formula to draw this winning number. People pick the next number by looking at the old results of any Satta king game. So, they play several numbers at the same time. You will see many Bookies who, according to their matka guessing trick predicting  , sell their predicted numbers to the players. They price a big amount of fee for this. But there is no guarantee that their number is the winning number. They also pick it based on their experience, and their numbers are frequently correct as well.